Frequently Asked Questions

That's because here we will give priority to the same profile which a responsible person has gathered after gathering the information and has given a profile for the relationship. No one here will ever be able to create a profile. is operated by the members of the Tirth Sahara Group , Active members are increasing everyday in this group. person will join them in our group who will be willing to work with us sincerely because our money is not the main purpose. We are not striving to add more people, whoever wants to work with us, it is necessary to follow our set rules. has been registered in the Tirth Sahara Group, or has made a profile to ensure the marriage of people around them who have taken responsibility for their own responsibility. This website only shows the relationships shown by those same noblemen. Does We clearly tell you never create a profile about which you do not know anything. Because here it is your responsibility to decide the basic responsibility of the profiles you put in to the responsibility of the relationship. The administrator can not cooperate with anyone in this regard, the administrator is not responsible for any profile.

It may seem a bit expensive to look at other than other online marriage bureaus for premium planning, but as honestly, we will show you relationships with a dedicated dedication, probably hardly will you give us a relationship with such a responsibility, the relation you will get from here. Any Pandit ji will be seen by the person's knowledge of his rag, and you will be seen by any pandit ji. To take the profiles you can gather all the information about him to contact them priest who takes care of a few things very service fee they must pay or else these days such. You are told to buy premium in advance for 3 months 4 months or unlimited relationship in premium, but if you do not want to buy any premium in this way, no matter what we will show you thousands of relationships in free Like off relationship, your choice was liked further and now you would like to contact them or if you want to chat with them (one day one Profile), which is only bought in ₹ 300 and at the same time, to comment with that profile, contact the interest express medicines and related profiles. Discuss them for marriage, in this way you can contact different profiles For this small premium can buy. This will be the cheapest and most trustworthy premium for you. Or for any other information, you can also give us information via email, WhatsApp, or Phone. The Tirth Sahara Group will always be with you in your service.

There is no refund policy in our packages,so be sure before you buy it.